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A podcast about the design, development, and business of tech and building great software. In each episode, we not only talk about success in tech, but we also cover failure. It is true we learn a lot more from failure than success. Join our host Adam Scroggin as he talks to some of the best, brightest and most humble in the industry

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Wednesday Jun 14, 2023

In this episode, we talk to Digital Health Tech CEO Jaime Bristow. Jaime is a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and an expert in mental health. She is leading the development efforts for a new mental health platform called MindScout. Jaime has a long history of helping people significantly improve their lives through her treatments

Monday Mar 27, 2023

Fortune 500 exec and Harvard Business MBA Tom Spears discusses how to be successful in the corporate world. Tom got started in Engineering, but decided to make a bigger impact by going into marketing and management. You'll learn about the 4 Ps of marketing just like Tom did at Harvard: Price, Product, Place and Promotion. If you have a creative side, want to know how to get ahead and learn how to deal with office politics, this episode is for you. If you feel like your co-workers are "out to get you", you might be right! In his spare time, Tom writes fictional cooperate thrillers where bad bosses are around every corner. You won't want to miss this Indy legend talk about running businesses valued over $100M dollars.

Monday Feb 13, 2023

In this episode we talk to legendary speaker designer John Busenitz who is currently working for Bose. He has an electrical engineering background and makes some of the best speakers in the world. So, turn up the volume to 11 because you are going to learn something today!!!!
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Hello World!!!!

Thursday Jan 26, 2023

Thursday Jan 26, 2023

As with all things tech, you have to have a Hello World episode! Just testing. Join us in the next episode where we talk to Matt Terry from Imperfect Foods.
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